Learn more about our ServicePLUS?

Annual Maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment can save you time, money, and energy. It meets manufacturer's recommendations for proper maintenance insuring your warranty is never in question. Take a look at all the benefits a ServicePLUS agreement provides.
Clean Condenser Coil
Inspect Electrical Connections
Inspect Fan Blade
Check Accessories
Inspect Defrost Controls
Check Ignitor
Inspect Controls for Wear
Check Voltage
Check Safety Devises
Inspect Heat Exchanger
Inspect Flue
Inspect Blower Wheel
Clean Flame Sensor
Inspect Burners
Check Capacitors
Check Amps
Check Refrigerant
Treat Condensate Line
Inspect Filter
Check Delta T
Save Time. Save Money. Save Energy.

That's what you get with a ServicePLUS Maintenance Agreement. Twice a year a trained, experienced technician will thoroughly service your heating and cooling equipment.

Any Make. Any Model. Anywhere.

With over a hundred years of combined experience we have the knowledge to work on anything that heats and cools.

Scheduled Service

For ServicePLUS customers, pick your time and we’ll be there.

Customer Care Agreement

If you have newly installed equipment by Roger L. Newman Co. and you maintain your ServicePLUS agreement, in the event of a part failure we will cover the labor costs to replace that part!

Read a Copy of the Agreement

‍Don’t put off vital maintenance, get in touch today!